New Year’s Resolution. a.k.a. “Let me introduce you to the theory of Black Tack”

Last Jan 1, my girlfriend & I set each other a New Year’s Resolution.

Hers for me was very simple.  “Keep The Tach In The Black”.

Ponch and Jon, off ChipsWe both knew what it meant.

We’d both watched a repeat of the very first pilot episode of CHiPs
(A 1977 US cop show about Jon & Ponch – 2 motorcycle policemen with the California Highway Patrol (CHiP))

It is, perhaps, the finest example of 60 minute Drama of its kind, and contains a crucial scene which will define their working relationship for the rest of the series.
Officer Poncherello completely loses his cool with his partner,
Jon Baker.  Jon pauses, and diffuses the situation with one line.

“Whoa.  Keep the tach in the black, baby”.

 (I believe motorcyclists use a tachometer in order to measure the revs of their bike)

Such words of wisdom for such a budget.

Hence, Black Tack.  I know.  The misspelling just… looks better.

Anyway.  Last year, I singularly, repeatedly, and sometimes spectacularly failed to keep the tach in the black.

And this is an effort to catalogue the moments, and maybe even chart them against Erik Estrada’s, Sorry, Ponch’s tachometer.

26.JPGI’m 35.  I live in London. 
And due to move out of London at the end of this week.

NEEDLE RATING….2.6 (idling)

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2 Comments on “New Year’s Resolution. a.k.a. “Let me introduce you to the theory of Black Tack””

  1. CHiPs Fan Says:

    Jon actuall says something more like, “Whoa Ponch, my brother used to have a saying, keep the tach in the black baby”. I just watched this episode and thought that was a great line. Also, tachometer are not just used on motorcycles.

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