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Our Two Toilet Rolls – UPDATE

September 29, 2007

toilet roll update

1 – 1.  But Kirstie’s away for a few days, so I could catch up with her round the bend.

26.JPGNEEDLE RATING… 2.0 (idling)

Twelve Pounds Forty For A Doctor’s Signature.

September 27, 2007

Got a call from Dad today.

He’s renewing his Passport, and didn’t realise you need a signature of someone “who works in a recognised profession or has good standing in the community”, and they have to write their passport number on the form.

He called because he didn’t know anyone who could sign it.

That can’t be right.

Apparently, all his mates down the pub sold their council houses and moved to Spain.  I offered Kirstie to sign the form for him if he couldn’t find anyone.  The only person he could think of was his Doctor.  But he felt a bit weird asking for his GP’s passport number.

Got a message from him half an hour later saying that the Doctors do sign passport forms, and they charge £12.40.

Completely reasonable – it’s time they’re not spending on people doing Doctory things.
And it’s nice to know the WAR ON TERROR™ has an upside, and that someone might be making some money from it. 

The message ended with a joke wondering if he’ll be around for the next renewal in ten years time.

2.7He’s got to find another pub.  I hope he finds another pub.

NEEDLE RATING…  2.7 (idling)

Pick a date, any date, and I’ll miss it.

September 26, 2007

Kirstie’s pissed off with me.  I’d forgotten an important date – the date we first got together. 

calendarThis is different from the date we first met. 

And the date we first went on a proper date.

And the date we moved in together.

I pointed out that this is, surely, a moving target…  how can I know which is “the date” we’re meant to celebrate. 
Which was completely floored by “you never ‘celebrate’ any of them though.”
How can I follow that logic?
To not agree on an agreed date that we can agree is “the date” to accept for anniversary purposes on the grounds that I never remember any of the dates on the shortlist for that anniversary.


3.9NEEDLE RATING… 3.9 (increased revs, grating)

Our Two Toilet Rolls

September 18, 2007

Following a trip to Tesco last week, we now run our household on a “two toilet roll” system.

Kirstie saw the Andrex (“A little softer, a little thicker… A little luxury”) Quilts and couldn’t resist.

So now we have two toilet rolls.  His and Hers.

Our Two Toilet Rolls.  Mine’s the one which isn’t the Andrex Quilts

I have to admit.  I’ve tried some.  And the problem is, its a little too thick.  A bit like using the fancy stationery in Paperchase.  The hand-pressed stuff they have upstairs.  The other problem with this is that we can now measure accurately our relative bog roll use.  I try not to think about it.  But it’s there.

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Shall I tell you what I ate for dinner tonight?

September 6, 2007

Kirstie and I analysed her need to tell me exactly, down to the food unit, what she had eaten today.
We narrowed it down to the following 3 possible genetic reasons.
1.  It’s a throwback to the time we were hunter-gatherers living in caves. 
She’s actually listing the resources that need replenishing, “Mr. Hunter”
2.  It’s a biological clue to let me know that she’s eating healthily, and having good health is a sign that she is a good mate.
3.  She’s just sharing – “is it too hard to just take an interest in what’s going on in my world today”?

 NEEDLE RATING… 2.0 (idling)