Tedious Faux Alpha Male

My Non-Existent NotesWent to a meeting yesterday – round a boardroom table – around 20 people with whom I work, but rarely get the chance to hear how things are going for them.

It was good, – useful for everyone to get their experiences off their chests-, until one of the team leaders invited my reaction on a specific point.

At that point a man, another “attendee”, interrupted to snarkily berate me for not taking notes.

It took a couple of minutes to take in what had just happened – long after I’d attempted to finish my answer.
And what struck me wasn’t how appropriate or not scrawling would have been. I’d already made that judgement call.  All I could think was…

you tedious faux alpha male.

It felt good.

In my twenties, I’d snatch and deflect it and attempt to hit back – who’d he think I was – his bloody waiter? How self-involved was he that my conduct in the meeting had an impact which compelled him to announce to the room my transgression?

you tedious faux alpha male.

Alpha Male Thinking Up The Next Brilliant Thing To Say

When you wake up in the morning – do you take a big breath in preparation for the noise you’ll make… for a grateful world to hear.  There’s no interpretation required.  We are expected to listen.
And preferably, take note.

I can’t muster the energy any more to engage with your worldview.
But find my silence routinely allows you to belittle yourself with your big big maaawff.
In this country, right now, we’re expected to celebrate your heroes –

you tedious faux alpha male

heroes – Gordon RamsaySurrallan Sugar… – even though they themselves are acts for fake television constructs.  But you like to make believe this is the way it is.

All hail you.

you tedious faux alpha male.

5.2NEEDLE RATING… 5.2 (quite noisy, quite irritating)

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2 Comments on “Tedious Faux Alpha Male”

  1. slackwareboy Says:


    Oh dear. You are a funny, funny man Michael.

    Don’t resent the allpha male….while the enlightened do reject such an orientation, the stark reality of the nature of our species is that the gullible do most often follow the dominant. The aggressive nature displayed here is actually beneficial when patronized and utilized for your own aims. They’re good to have on your side.

  2. Jeartykar Says:

    Great, really fantastic subject. I am goin to write about it also!

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