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I Have Never Groomed My Brows

February 27, 2008

Someone noticed, and laughed, at my eyebrows.  This is a guy, to another guy, in a meeting.

 it is an eyebrow

He’s a friend – we go back years – so I asked, “what… you… pluck yours?”

Sure – don’t you?

Well, clearly not.  I’m not ready to pluck.  I don’t see what I’d gain by removing hair there.  It’s essence of my manhood.  Or, I’m terrified they wouldn’t grow back.  So here is my list of heroes — I am proud to be among your ranks. 

Denis Healey4.  Billie Piper
3.  Brooke Shields
2.  Denis Healey
1.  Animal

26.JPGNEEDLE RATING… 2.6 (idling)