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Shall I tell you what I ate for dinner tonight?

September 6, 2007

Kirstie and I analysed her need to tell me exactly, down to the food unit, what she had eaten today.
We narrowed it down to the following 3 possible genetic reasons.
1.  It’s a throwback to the time we were hunter-gatherers living in caves. 
She’s actually listing the resources that need replenishing, “Mr. Hunter”
2.  It’s a biological clue to let me know that she’s eating healthily, and having good health is a sign that she is a good mate.
3.  She’s just sharing – “is it too hard to just take an interest in what’s going on in my world today”?

 NEEDLE RATING… 2.0 (idling)


A Nice Cup of Adez

June 10, 2007

A carton of ADEZThis is the juice we are drinking at the moment.  We didn’t even notice the brand name.

We just fancied some Apricot and Mango juice.

It’s called Adez.

“Would you like a cup of Adez”

“I’m not sure I like the taste of Adez?”

“Have you got the Adez”

And so on and so forth.  It’s just a hard notion. 

Drinking Adez.
Are we saying it right?

26.JPG26.JPGNEEDLE RATING…  2.0 (idling)