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Our Two Toilet Rolls – FINAL

October 24, 2007

So what was the outcome of the toilet roll race…

Latest from the toilet - New rolls!

Well, it was 4 – 4 – a rough draw. 
Though I don’t think you can have a rough draw in a contest involving quilted toilet tissue.
Surprisingly, it was Kirstie who had stayed on top of the scores – being the all-knowing master of time space and dimension of anything to do with anything happening around the house.

She said that the normal paper – “mine” – ran out marginally first, but graciously put that down to male stand-up friend who visits regularly (the house, not a toilet term) probably choosing mine over hers.

Only noticed this morning that we’ve kept the two-toilet roll thing going. 
Even more disturbed by the fact I still know which one is mine.

26.JPGNEEDLE RATING…  2.0 (idling)


Our Two Toilet Rolls – UPDATE

September 29, 2007

toilet roll update

1 – 1.  But Kirstie’s away for a few days, so I could catch up with her round the bend.

26.JPGNEEDLE RATING… 2.0 (idling)