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Twelve Pounds Forty For A Doctor’s Signature.

September 27, 2007

Got a call from Dad today.

He’s renewing his Passport, and didn’t realise you need a signature of someone “who works in a recognised profession or has good standing in the community”, and they have to write their passport number on the form.

He called because he didn’t know anyone who could sign it.

That can’t be right.

Apparently, all his mates down the pub sold their council houses and moved to Spain.  I offered Kirstie to sign the form for him if he couldn’t find anyone.  The only person he could think of was his Doctor.  But he felt a bit weird asking for his GP’s passport number.

Got a message from him half an hour later saying that the Doctors do sign passport forms, and they charge £12.40.

Completely reasonable – it’s time they’re not spending on people doing Doctory things.
And it’s nice to know the WAR ON TERROR™ has an upside, and that someone might be making some money from it. 

The message ended with a joke wondering if he’ll be around for the next renewal in ten years time.

2.7He’s got to find another pub.  I hope he finds another pub.

NEEDLE RATING…  2.7 (idling)